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A Letter from Lord Encourage His Fellow Joining the Crusade

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Essay Preview: A Letter from Lord Encourage His Fellow Joining the Crusade

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Lord Kevin, by the grace of God, loyal vassal of the king William II, to give his fellow nobles the kindest greeting.

I have received the declaration form the most reverend and divinely beloved bishop Urban II, we are going to build up an army in the name of God and return to the holy land of Christianity. Knowing that, with a great joy and big interest in joining in this holy war, I would like to call all of you to bring your bravest knights and warriors and to fight with me. It is a great opportunity to show your courage, to prove you faith to our church, and to gain yourself wealth.

Taking back Jerusalem is the main purpose of this crusade. Since Jesus had lived and died there, as a faithful Christian, there is no doubt that we should return to the holy land. There is nothing wrong to kill the people who do not believe in our God. They are evils on our way of pilgrim. Also, this will be the first time all our brothers and sisters blessed by our Heavenly Father stop fighting each other and unite together under one leader and turned opposing European nations into allies. We would all have a common enemy to fight, which is the Muslims in the east.

This holy war would expand the territories of many landlords in our kingdom. Think about as the population grows, many towns in our country have become too crowded and lack of food supply. Gain more land, each of us can have better soil or land and more food each year. Also, we may be able to explore new trade route. Some traders in my town have been to Constantinople, according to their description, the people their own fancy silk and good spices. They consider the life there as what the best one could have.

In brief therefore, God willing, we shall return to you. We render to you the gratitude which you deserve for your care of our son and for the very great fidelity which you have shown to us, And with the full intention of worthily rewarding your services, we ask you to continue the same.



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